Plain Shaggy Rugs - 11 colours, 3 Sizes

Size: 120x170 cm
Colour: Grey
Sale price£155


Plain Shaggy Rugs

Our Plain Shaggy Rugs don’t have any patterns. Plain rugs remain neutral and simple. The simple and classy finish of this shaggy rug means that it is just as effective as a focal point as it is when propping up the rest of your interior styling, with selected colours working perfectly against neutral, and brighter tones.

This rug is made from Polypropylene which means it is durable and able to withstand the daily wear and tear of family life, without losing any of the quality and refined elegance. It is suitable for high traffic areas such as your living room. It’s easy to look after, long lasting and perfect for any interior design. Increase the cosiness of your living room with one of our plain colour shaggy rugs. 


Our Plain Shaggy Rugs come in 11 colours, including grey, silver, green, brown, purple, and pink. We have 3 different rug sizes, including medium, large, and extra large. 



Rug Dimensions: 



120x170 cm


160x230 cm


200x290 cm

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