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Top 10 UK Sofa Set Designs in 2022 – From Budget, Mid-range, to Luxury

This blog post will explore the Top 10 UK Sofa Set Designs in 2022 to help you choose the right sofa set for your home. We will cover a wide variety of sofa styles and colours that are some of the top pics of UK home owners and are sold by some of the leading sofa retailers in the country.


No matter what you’re looking for, a budget sofa set for under £900, a classy Chesterfield sofa set for under £1,500, or a custom made to perfection sofa set with unique fabric colours and shapes, starting at a higher price, this article will share something for every taste and budget. Let’s start with the top budget sofa set Designs all under £900.


1. Verona Sofa Set.

The first on the list is the Verona Sofa Set. This sofa model is available in full back or scatter back. A Full back or a High Back simply means it has one or two cushions specifically shaped to match the sofa, and may or may not be fixed to the sofa back. While scatter back means it has several extra large cushions as back support.


The Verona Sofa Set comes in grey or mink colour kensington fabric. This is one of the most sold sofa models in the UK. It comes at a price of just £889 for a full back set and £849 for a scatter back set. You can find Verona Full Back Sofa Set Here, and the Scatter Back Set Here.

Verona Sofa Set

2. Shannon Luxe Sofa Set.

Next on the list of the top 10 UK sofa set designs in 2022 is the Shannon Luxe Sofa Set. It is one of the top budget sofa options in the UK. The classic Shannon sofa is upholstered in dark grey chenille fabric and faux leather, it is easy to care for making it a family friendly sofa option. The silver swirl and striped patterned cushions add an eye-catching pattern and design to brighten up any living space. It is priced at £650 making it ideal for those who want a cheap yet classy sofa set that is easy to care for. You can find Shannon Luxe Sofa Set Here.

Shannon Luxe Sofa Set

3. Logan Sofa Set.

Next on the list of top sofa designs in the UK is the Logan Sofa Set. This sofa model is made of Grey Jumbo Cord Fabric and is available in grey or brown colour. Featuring deep filled seats, full back cushions, and tartan scatter cushions, the Logan 3+2 sofa Set is the perfect sofa option for people wanting a comfy modern sofa. It is a fluffy but firm feeling sofa that you can sink into and relax. It comes at a price of £899. You can find Logan Sofa Set Here.

Logan Sofa Set

4. Payton Sofa Set.

Next on the list is the mid-price range sofa set from Furniture123. The Payton Sofa Set in Petrol Blue Velvet is one of the top selling sofa set options in the UK. These plush Payton sofas offer traditional styling with a modern twist thanks to their dark wooden legs with gold accent front castors and classic ruched saddle arms. Beautifully tailored and upholstered in petrol blue velvet fabric, they bring a splash of colour to your living space, making them the perfect statement pieces. It comes at a price of £1199.94. You can find Payton Sofa Set Here.

Payton Sofa Set

5. Chesterfield Sofa Set.

The 5th popular sofa set design on the list is the Infinity Chesterfield Sofa Set in plush velvet fabric. Characterized by a sleek silhouette with wide scroll arms, the Chesterfield Sofa Set features an iconic style that suits any modern or traditional interior. The low backrest, thickly padded seat cushions as well as ornate rubberwood legs provide the best sitting comfort and stability. This sofa set is available in a choice of 5 colours including black, grey, silver, blue, and green. The price of this sofa set is £999 and you can find it Here.

Chesterfield Sofa Set

 6. Windsor Sofa Set.

Next on the list of the Top 10 UK Sofa Set Designs in 2022 is the Windsor sofa set by Honeypot Furniture. This gorgeous sofa set is available in a choice of two colours – grey or stone. With button-tufted scroll arms and Chesterfield style wooden feet, this sofa range offers an elegant, classic look, that is suitable for both, modern and traditional homes. The price of this sofa set is £1,099. You can find Windsor sofa set Here.

Windsor Sofa Set

7. Cambridge Sofa Set.

Next on the list is the Cambridge Sofa Set in Silver by Maple Furniture. The Cambridge Sofa Set is perfect for those who love the blend between classical and contemporary styles. The seat cushions of this sofa are made from a high-density foam wrapped in fibre, to provide maximum comfort. The price of this sofa set is £1,199, making it another great mid-range budget sofa option. You can find it Here.

Cambridge Sofa Set

8. Winchester Chesterfield Sofa Set.

The 8th most popular sofa model is the Winchester Chesterfield. This sofa set is available in six gorgeous colours including blue, green, grey, black, silver, and mustard. Winchester Chesterfield 3+2 Sofa Set is truly special. The Winchester Sofa collection captures the elegance of the age-old British heritage, but re-energise the style with a fresh velvet look perfected to be superbly stylish for years to come. This sofa is custom-made and it costs £1,750. You can find Winchester Sofa Set Here

Winchester Chesterfield Sofa Set

9. Ashley Sofa Set.

Next on the top 10 most popular sofa design list is The Ashley Sofa Set. The Ashley sofa is available in black, grey, silver, mink, and navy blue colours. This sofa design is complimented by its stylish button back cushions and front panels and comes with complimentary accent cushions. It would suit both, traditional and modern interiors. This sofa is custom-made and comes at a cost of £1,550. You can find Ashley Sofa Set Here

Ashley Sofa Set

10. Glimmer Sofa Set.

The 10th most popular sofa model is the Glimmer. The Glimmer sofa set is expertly handcrafted from a choice of soft luxury fabrics in a choice of four colours, including charcoal grey, grey, brown and mink. It is designed to capture sophistication, glamour and luxury. This sofa set would look great in both, traditional and modern homes. The buttons and studs, together with zebra pattern cushions give this sofa a unique classy look. This sofa set is custom made and is priced at £1,500. You can find Glimmer Sofa Set Here

Glimmer Sofa Set


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