Sofa Set vs Corner Sofa - Which one is better and Why?

Should you buy a Corner Sofa or a Sofa Set? Which One is Better for Your Home and Why?

When it comes to choosing the right sofa type for your home, there are many questions that have to be answered beforehand. How many people will you need to seat? If you’re just on your own, a cosy 2 or 3 seater sofa would probably be the best option for you. However, if you’re a family of three, four, five, or six, or have frequent guest visits, you might need to choose between a corner sofa and a sofa set. Each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. We’ll help you choose the option that meets your needs and preferences better.


Before buying a new corner sofa or a sofa set, ask yourself these four questions:


1. How much space do you have available in your living room?

How much space you have available in your living room? Small, Medium, Large.

Is your living room small, medium, or large? And how much overall space do you have for the new sofa? The last thing you need is to make a small living space even more cluttered, or buy a tinny sofa set for your large spacious living room.


In some specific scenarios, a corner sofa will be a better fit for your home. A corner sofa is a great option for a 2 in 1 living and dining room, as it allows you to split the space into separate areas, creating an illusion of two separate rooms. A living/dining area can have separate distinctive décor to make it more interesting.

Corner Sofa or Sofa Set? Use a corner sofa to separate the living and the dining area.

It can also complement a small living room, where maximum seating space can be created using minimal floor space. If your living room is quite narrow, a small corner sofa at the end of the room could be a perfect fit, saving you space and making it easy to set up the rest of the room.


When it comes to medium-sized living rooms, both options, a corner sofa or a sofa set could be a great fit. To pick the right type of sofa, we’ll ask you to answer a few more questions. The next question you should answer before choosing a corner sofa or a sofa set, is...


2. How much seating space will you need?

How much seating space will you need? Corner Sofa vs Sofa Set.

With most sofa sets you are limited to 5 seats, as most sofa sets come as a 3 seater sofa and a 2 seater sofa. You might need to go for a 3+2+1 sofa set, where an extra armchair is needed, or a 3+3 sofa set if you want to fit more guests.


However, each seating spot will be separated and not in the same line. You might struggle to comfortably seat your family or guests as some might require more space than others (for example children and adults). A 2-seater sofa might be too small in some cases. 


Also, if you’re all going to watch a movie together, the angle at which the sofa is facing the TV might not be optimal. For example, if you have one sofa on the left side, and one sofa on the right side, facing each other, while the TV is at the end of the living room, the family or your guests might need to sit sideways in a bad posture. A corner sofa or a u-shape corner sofa would offer extra benefits in this case.  

Should you buy a Corner Sofa or a Sofa Set?

If you prefer a more free, unrestricted type of seating space, you might prefer a comfy corner sofa. Most corner sofas come as L-shaped 4 or 5 seaters, however, larger 6 or 7 seaters are also available. You could also consider a large U-shape corner sofa, as these might fit up to 8 or 9 people. These sofas are great for large families, or people who have frequent friend or family gatherings.

Should you buy a Corner Sofa or a Sofa Set? A U-Shape Corner Sofa Could be a great option for a large family, fitting up to 9 people.

About the previously mentioned U-shape corner sofa type, it’s important to note that it requires a larger living room area. It looks the best when placed by the wall in a large living room, where it does not make the space seem overcrowded. Some u-shaped corner sofas can be further extended with additional footstools, creating extra space when more guests are present.


These large corner sofas help to create a symmetrical look, and provide the best comfort for you and your family or guests. Even a small family can benefit from this spacious piece of furniture, that allows you to sit or lay down comfortably with no armrests in between.

The next question you have to ask, is...


3. What will be the main use of this sofa?

Corner sofa vs sofa set, advantages and disadvantages how to choose

Will you use it for watching movies, playing monopoly, or working with your laptop? A sofa type  you choose can have a huge impact to the atmosphere in your living room.


If your primary use is going to be relaxing after work, sitting down or even laying down and watching a nice movie, a corner sofa or a u-shape corner sofa could be a great option for you. If you’re two people looking for a comfy spot to read a book or watch some YouTube videos on your phone or laptop after work, then a 3+2 sofa set could be the better option, as it allows you to sit or lay down and have your own separate space.

Corner Sofa vs Sofa SetOn the other hand, a sofa set where both sofas are placed in front of each other could also be a great place to chat with friends or family, have tea or coffee together, all while staying close and facing each other creating a cosy atmosphere.


The last question to help you pick your ideal sofa type...


4. Do you like changing things around in your living room often? 

Moving furniture around

If you easily get bored of your living space and like to rearrange the furniture every few months or so, a corner sofa might not be the right option for you. Most times, a corner sofa is tied to a particular corner of your living room. Once you place your sofa there, it is likely to stay there for years. This results in less flexibility for re-arrangements as you will have to stick with a particular layout long-term. Unless you opt for a modular corner sofa, which allows you to change corners!


In general, sofa sets can give you a lot more flexibility to move things around. You might put your two sofas facing each other, you might put them in an L-shape, put them in one line, or even put them in completely separate parts of your house, like the living room and the conservatory! This might become very useful when your children grow up and leave home.


When it comes to sofa sets, you can play around with different configurations, giving you more flexibility. If you can't settle with one sofa spot, consider getting a modular corner sofa or a sofa set. 


Final Words.


Now, we hope that these questions helped you to choose between a corner sofa and a sofa set. If you’re looking for a specific sofa set, corner sofa, or a U-shaped corner sofa, you can explore our extensive sofa collections. We have many different sofa models to meet your needs and preferences.

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